Tune in your spiritual ear to hear

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Have you ever answered you phone and the person started talking without saying who they were and you didn’t recognize the voice? When this happens, I bet the other person on the phone is someone you don’t talk with often. But, if a spouse, child, parent or best friend called you, I am sure you would recognize them right away. 

That would be the same as when we hear from God. If you listen for Him often then you will recognize His voice. We could be spending a lot of time in prayer talking to Him … and that is great but how much time do you spend listening for Him?

I’ll admit sometimes it is very hard to hear Him. There is so much noise in my head (haha!) When I hear Him the clearest is when I sit quietly and intentionally clear all the thoughts so I can hear Him. But, He will also speak through scripture, and through other people. To know His voice you need to have your spiritual ears tuned. The Word says his sheep will hear His voice. We are His sheep!

There will be times when you question hearing  from God.  Sometimes you just have to step out in faith and the God will confirm it. Ask yourself; 1) does it line up with the Word? God will never speak contrary to His Word; and 2)if it is not addressed specifically in the Bible; Is it in line with His character?  

As much as we love to talk to God in prayer, we need to love and practice listening too.

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